Unparalleled independent advice is offered to a discerning clientele to ensure solid steps of growth and consolidation.

Here, Elynar services encompass the following to resolve any growth issues of a business in a strategic and relevant manner:

Business Consulting

  • Business and marketing consulting
  • Financial crisis impact analysis on the client’s operating field;
  • Sector analysis and forecasting;
  • SWOT analysis;
  • Planning and monitoring

Company Formation Consulting

  • Company formation
  • Domiciliary and representation services (i.e. provision of nominee shareholders, directors, registered address, etc)
  • Secretarial services
  • Company administration services (e.g. review of transactions, execution of agreements, etc)
  • Banking services (e.g. opening and operation of bank accounts, etc)
  • Bookkeeping and Tax and VAT compliance
  • Tax planning
  • Country International Trusts
  • Establishment of business offices, including Virtual Offices
  • Registration of private yachts in the EU (Cyprus)

Construction Development and Interior Design

Our Construction services is adhering to the best international standards, and having quality control certificates such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 indicates our interest for outstanding quality of our services, and our striving for achievement that bears the mark of professionalism.

A feature of the services provided by our company is that, from the first presentation to the last activity, each project is monitored and controlled with great care by a qualified team of specialists.

To achieve its objectives, the company cooperates in partnership with companies in the following fields: architecture, design, air conditioning systems, etc., to meet the most demanding customer requirements, which ultimately has a proof quality and safety of the final product.

Finance Consulting

  • Wealth management
  • Business incorporation and licensing process
  • Corporate strategic planning
  • Performance evaluation and Improvement
  • Confidential corporate representation
  • Due diligence on Investments
  • International strategic deployment & project management


End-to-end real estate investment and development services are provided as well as expert advice on debt and equity financing. Structuring leveraged transactions, Pre-listing preparations for IPO and advising on capital resource placements both short term and long term are part of the package offered by Elynar

The company has a specific commitment to developing capital strategies to fuel growth. It aids small as well as large businesses by reviewing investment and treasury management systems, policies and strategies. This is complemented by financial engineering and enhancement of the balance sheet.

Real Estate solutions

Elynar has its vast resources in the real estate business by providing value to various real estate projects. It has responded to the demands in the property market by structuring a value-driven range of services in the market. It has studied what are the offerings that best suit the needs of our clients. The company offers multiple options in mortgage financing, and extends real estate finance advice through dedicated advisory services.

  • Location studies
  • Qualitative research;
  • Consumer behavior studies;
  • Sales strategy consulting in accordance to new real estate market conditions

The company, also offer various attractive properties in many locations available for investors and clients seeking to buy properties.

Healthcare Consulting

  • Private outpatient medical centers establishment (both diagnosis and treatment) ;
  • Private hospitals establishment (branch or general hospitals).
    Services refer to:
  • Medical concept of the building according to the current and proposed legislation;
  • Planning;
  • Location studies
  • Local medical administration regulation for starting medical services activities;
  • Assistance for obtaining the necessary approvals;
  • Feasibility study

Tourism and Hospitality Consulting

Our services cover Hotels, Restaurants and residential buildings. We can offer the following services:

  • Feasibility study
  • Location studies
  • Planning
  • Qualitative research
  • Consumer behavior studies
  • Sales strategy consulting
  • Sourcing and finding Hotel operator
  • Building design, and interior design
  • Getting local approvals and permits
  • Project execution

Government Affairs

Elynar and Associates focuses on providing the best solutions for our clients by offering the proper experts in the field of Government Affairs whose expertise is targeted to create that impact for our clients, to operate properly, efficiently and most important to grow. Our experts throughout our global network, are qualified to design the right programs to address legislative and regulatory matters, position litigation and influence public opinion by engaging key opinion leaders from elite media to civil society to policymakers.

  • Government relations
  • Corporate and social responsibility
  • Strategic communication advice
  • Corporate communications
  • Parliamentary events
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Market Entry
  • PR & Media Activities